Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Responding to others' thoughts on the Mormon "women's movement"

From the flood of facebook posts, messages, as well as comments responding to my latest post about my opinion on the current "women's rights" movement, I can attest that men and women are trying to sort out these issues as well. Here were some interesting trends I saw:

1. Many especially were excited about my point #3 about women receiving constructive criticism from male priesthood leaders. I strongly believe that women deserve both praise as well as points for improvement. And I also think that men also deserve more praise for the good that they are doing.

2. Lots of interesting discussion about the YW program and the Recognition Award. Some believe that YW do not yet have equal funding with the YM, and many expressed content with the modifications that the YW Program has done. I personally am very grateful for the award's changes, though I wonder if more experiences from Girls' Camp could be incorporated into the award, similar to that of an Eagle. Since budget-making and considering careers are optional and not required, I would ensure that all young women have exposure to these two areas through other activities. Bottom line: I just want the YW to feel a sense of pride and meaningful accomplishment for this award, as well as a sense of spiritual fortification for the rest of their lives. I hope they don't feel like they could have been challenged more (like I did as a teenager).

3. Interesting debates about whether women should serve two-year missions. I realize that I projected my mission and many other fellow sisters' experiences, and I did not mean to offend those women who believe they were capable of serving for two years. I am very interested in seeing how missionary work continues to change with the age limit being lowered for women. With that change in mind, the eighteen-month limit could very well change as well. We'll just have to stay tuned.

4. People asked me whether my thoughts on education and modesty could be applied to chastity. Absolutely. I think chastity should be also taught independently of our relationship to men. We can teach women that our bodies and sexual desires are gifts from God, and should be used at the proper time. I think that staying chaste shows that we understand the magnitude of bringing God's children into the world. Thus, keeping the law of chastity is respecting another means of divine stewardship that God has entrusted to us.  


  1. #4 really hits home to me. I think that we could do a much better job of teaching both men and women the doctrine behind why we keep the law of chastity.

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  3. Hey I feel like I can comment and not overwhelm your spot! You had quite the response to your previous post. I just wanted to mention as a part of the YW leadership, I have seen a lot of changes from when you and I were youth. But one of the things that is a bigger focus now then when we were young was the focus on the temple. By doing Personal Progress you are preparing for that step instead of just checking things off of a list. I am also learning a lot about the YM program-though I don't know a lot yet, I think comparing the Eagle to the YW Recognition is unfair because they are shooting for two different goals. The Eagle (to me) seems to shoot for civic and leadership qualities in young men. It has zero religious things required. Because of the Church's influence, it becomes more than that for LDS people. But as I mentioned before the Personal Progress program is for spiritual growth, so it is more fair to relate Duty to God and Personal Progress because that is more the equivalent. P.S. I love your posts and just wanted to add my 2 cents :)

    1. Thanks Kimberly for your comments; I really value your input. I definitely see where you are coming from in terms of comparing the Eagle and Personal Progress; you are right, the goals are different. From your comments and others, maybe I need to look at the curriculum again. Maybe I will do the requirements for fun and see how challenging they are. :)